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Saturday, May 21, 2005
Let's get ready to grumble!

I'll admit it.  I've become a C-Span Geek.  This happened years ago when I realized that most main stream media TV news organizations only like to play about seven seconds of any given video clip, usually only quote the legislator to find the spin, and their airhead, multi-millionaire anchors generally talk over any live broadcasting, as if I needed some foreign language translation of english.  Thanks, but no thanks.  This practice has only become worse with the micro celebrity egos on cable news, especially on FOX.

If I have a choice, I flip the channel to C-Span to hear the political bullshit coming from the actual horse's ass, not his or her teleprompted pundit.  This upcoming week in the U.S. Senate is likely to be a verbal WWF Smackdown over some of George Bush's federal judicial nominations.  I'm not hyping the situation because I'm some political wonk.  The showdown in the U.S. Senate has been brewing for some time and it will be another touchstone event for bigger issues in the so-called culture wars in the United States.

Two months ago, I blogged about these culture wars and Terri Schiavo in "Life, Choice, or Tyranny." In it, I made an introductory comment that:
If you don't think this is an opening salvo of logic to allow the cultural conservative wing of the GOP political monopoly in Washington, D.C. to begin eroding individual liberties, state's rights, and constitutional protections in order to jumpstart their previously stymied religious social agenda upon America, you're simply not paying attention.
Not since the 2004 election itself has the general public been inundated with partisan television advertisements.  Lobby groups on both sides of this issue are spending millions of dollars for ad time, with conservative groups apparently outspending progressive advertising three to one.  And, like their Senators, both are spinning the truth.

I'm a Libertarian.  Normally, I'd be all for the GOP Reaganites for small government, and less government, and limited government.  Unfortunately, Dubya never had to work a day in his life, be truly responsible for anything -- not even his big lies -- and he's spiralling the fiscal and economic sanity of past administrations into the toilet with the happy approval of christian religious leaders who are just happy to get some socially conservative mojo in the government.

It's no wonder that George Bush gave the commencement address for some two-bit Christian college in Grand Rapids, Michigan today or that Liberty University gave FOX's Sean Hannity an honorary doctorate degree for his encouraging words.  Besides ego-stroking and staging a happy audience to shelter these ideologues from the real opinion of Americans, it's pathetic to see.

[Headphones] :: Dancing with the Dubya - JfZ

Posted at 05:00 pm by John Furie Zacharias

David S.
May 30, 2005   11:37 PM PDT
Bush is a shithead.
David S.
May 30, 2005   11:40 PM PDT
Argh! No Republicans, only Democrats in political office. Bush is a shithead.

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