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Friday, May 27, 2005
Section 60

I'm going to try my very best not to break into a spate of cussing as if I were standing on the bricklayer's scaffolding 80 feet in the air and just dropped my only pack of cigarettes into the wind and watched as they landed in the construction site mud puddle below.  I'm going to try.  Then again, this is why I have a rant folder in the first place.  This weekend is the traditonal start of Summer and Memorial Day weekend.  Because many people have a federally mandated Monday off of work, they usually take Friday off and get that holy grail of cubicle dwelling: the four day weekend.

Before you fire up the BBQ grill and slap down that half a cow onto it, in order to feed your fat friends or relatives, just take a minute and remember why Americans commemorate Memorial Day in the first place.  It's a commemorative holiday honoring the war dead.

First of all, how John Lennon wonderful would it be if we didn't even have this so-called holiday at all?  Hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of people have died over the last 150 years wearing the U.S. military uniform.  Tens of millions of people have been slaughtered by the armies of the world.  The biblical turn of phrase, "Wars and rumors of wars," hasn't lessened a bit for the last two thousand years.

Secondly, and the reason I need to rant, is that I'm sick of everyone concerned with this war in Iraq. Regular readers of Thunderstorms know how much I opposed the invasion of Iraq.  To me, it was just a dumb idea, strategically.  From the beginning, the initial reasons for invasion given to us from the Bush Administration didn't wash, or sound like truth.

If Iraq had nuclear weapons, the Israeli government would have bombed them.  They did that once before, remember?  If the Israelis fed the western governments bad intelligence because they weren't sure any longer, and felt they could just play on the Bush adminstration's base paranoia, historical emnity, and own lack of intelligence, then the U.S. government is culpable for being duped.

Thursday, the U.S. Senate had a procedural vote to end debate over the Bush nominee for U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, John Bolton.  The debate being whether or not the U.S. Senate advises, but more importantly consents, to the Bush nominee for the job.  Apparently, they did not want to end the discussion.

Why not?  Well, simply because there are some allegations that in his last job Bolton may have 'cooked the books,' to use a financial term, about intelligence concerning the policy and decision making of the Bush administration on the planning for the Iraq War.

To the cynical, this nomination seems like a promotion based upon loyalty and silence.  Hush money.  Shut up, say nothing, omerta.  The reason the some outspoken Senators spurred the minority into a cohesive force was because every person on the planet knows that the intelligence was wrong going into Iraq -- now.

If that is the case, then whose head should roll for it?  Bush?  He got re-elected.  Cheney?  Ditto. Rumsfeld?  No.  Rice?  Promoted.  So.  Right. Okay, then.  Nobody is to blame -- because The Bush administration's defacto position on the facts is to give no information to anyone, even U.S. Senators, like Biden or Dodd, or apparently even Frist.

That's just the first reason to invade Iraq that ended up being false, and I won't bother writing forty more paragraphs for the other reasons in this entry.  My true reason to rant is when I look at 1600 photographs of dead men and women, look into the their eyes, read their stories and think about them.

And it makes me angry and it makes me sad.  Very sad at what might have been for these people, if not for so many things that has happened.  I apologize. I had an entry in mind with links and just don't have will to bother with it.  Thinking about this takes an emotional toll on me.

The 'Fox Mulder' in me loves to research, be knowledgeable and find the truth.  When I started this entry, I was just going to highlight the eight service members who have died in Iraq on May 26th.  But when I look at these people, it truly makes me want to cry.  I'll stick it on Thunderstorms later, so I can show you their faces.  Then, you can look into their eyes.

I started this entry because I was pissed off that the TV news about Iraq is like some sport score reporting everyday.  2 dead in Tikrit, (insert sport name here: car bomb, suicide bomber, or IED) 20 Iraqis killed.  It's not baseball.  Don't report it like it is.

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Posted at 01:42 am by John Furie Zacharias

Sinister Ninja
May 27, 2005   03:08 AM PDT
I love this blog, first, and this is a great entry. It is truly difficult if you allow yourself to feel when it comes to the soldiers and marines dying all the time over there.

So many people have allowed themselves to enter this 'wartime, war president' state of mind that allows them to believe the propaganda... "Hey, look how many COULD be dying! We're doing pretty good, I'd say!"

It kills me, too. This is the reason I don't write about it anymore. I'll admit, I had the wool pulled over in his first term, and I went to war with all the foolish, military intentions. When you're actually in the arena, though, it's a different story.

I spoke with soldiers and marines in the chow halls during the war who had lost brothers-in-arms in combat. It's quite an experience, day to day you eat at the same chow hall, see the news, and carry out your day to day wartime routines as cheery as you can, but when the units that have fought and lost member come in, it's a totally different environment. It's... powerful.

Ok, I'm rambling for my first comment here. I'll try to keep it down in my future comments, lol.
J f Z
May 27, 2005   03:19 AM PDT
No, Sinja. Say whatever you wish. I got lucky and never went to Iraq. Your personal experience gives you license to say whatever you wish to me, about my observations, or concerning my opinions -- on this blog or any other -- as far as I'm concerned.

May 27, 2005   06:28 AM PDT
It's sad that we learn nothing from history. The daily death count reported during Viet Nam was on the scale of several basketball games and the end result was nothing but a lesson in futility. We obviously didn't pay attention.

I had friends die in Nam. I never wanted to see it happen again. As long as this country allows power-hungry men like Bush to continue to use their positions to fulfill their own agenda, nothing is going to change.

We WILL end up in another Viet Nam. Or Iraq.

Keep ranting. Someone needs to.
May 28, 2005   07:44 PM PDT
great writing
David S.
May 30, 2005   11:31 PM PDT
Bush is a shithead.

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