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Sunday, May 07, 2006
White House Snow Job

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White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan gave his final press briefing on Friday, making good on his April 19th announcement to resign amid the Bushworld personnel shake ups.  Serving George Bush for many years and since 2003 as the Democrusader's press secretary, McClellan no longer has to act as official Bush Administration spin doctor.  He passes that honor to Tony Snow, who starts his job on Monday.

Not to speak ill of the dead and gone, but Scott McClellan should really take this opportunity in between jobs by following the example of Rhode Island Representative Patrick J. Kennedy -- admit he has a problem and seek some rehab.  I'm not suggesting that McClellan is a pill junkie (or maybe I am).  Maybe McClellan is actually like Tom Cruise, not on drugs, but clearly another person in need of anti-delusional pharmaceuticals.

Something is going on.  What else could explain these statements from his very last press briefing?

  • Bush's dismal job approval polls? -- "Let's keep in mind that these are snapshots in time."
  • War on terror? -- "We are making the world a safer place."
  • The public's war anxiety? -- " ... this country is on a solid track under this President because of his leadership."
  • Lying about Iraq? -- "I think you ought to step back and review history a little bit, not try to rewrite history."
  • Rumsfeld a war criminal? -- "Those are your words. I'm saying that people can express themselves."
  • Federal deficit is $8 trillion? -- "We have a solid record of making sure that our priorities are met while holding the line on spending elsewhere."
  • Paying at the gas pump? -- "The President is moving forward on making sure that there's no price-gouging."
  • Iraq war just for their oil? -- "I think you'll see the oil (production) continue to come back up as we move forward on our plan for victory there."
  • Osama bin Laden? -- "And that's why we are continuing to take the fight to the enemy abroad, so that we're not fighting them here at home."
  • The next war of choice? -- "And this President knows that the most difficult decision a President has to make is to send our men and women in uniform into combat."
  • Have you had your head up Bush's ass for almost 3 years? -- "I cannot thank the President enough for the privilege of being a part of his team."

Now, if you are shaking your head in disbelief after reading these statements, just know I could write up a dozen RANT entries on each of these bullet points.  All this, from the transcript of only one press briefing Scott McClellan gave, albeit his last one.  It might not rile me up so much as it does, but reporters in American media actually have misguided empathy for Scott McClellan -- and they mostly feel sorry for him -- thinking, "Poor bastard, he had to lie for George W. Bush ... better him than me."

While that feeling may be justified and understandable among peers, it doesn't serve me, or you.  It certainly weakens the ability of the press to find out anything close to the truth, instead of parroting the Orwellian Bushword speak in our country's newspapers and on our airwaves.  With McClellan passing his microphone to Tony Snow, one can only look forward to the future White House press briefings as one might an old episode of frackin' Monty Python.

Check the headphones link below to listen to all the songs on Neil Young's latest CD entitled "Living with War."  Track #7 sounds like a song that Akira3009 or I have made in the past.  Totally appropriate tuneage.

[Headphones] :: Living with War - Neil Young
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Posted at 09:59 am by John Furie Zacharias

May 8, 2006   09:22 AM PDT
time to wake up and pull your head out of ur ass.
J f Z
May 8, 2006   09:46 AM PDT
O.o Anony-mouse courage. Thanks for the comment in any event. It made me think of something funny.

Person A: "time to wake up and pull your head out of ur ass."

Person B: "Why? If I was comfortably sleeping with my head up my ass, my snoring wouldn't smell like farts, would it?"

Person C: "I dunno, but it might sound like farts and the anonymous drive-by comment guy would still act like an asshole."

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